Welcome to Walking in Greece! My name is Lamprini Kiosse. I was born in Greece but have lived in Germany and the Netherlands for many years. I miss my homeland and go back as often as I can. Over the last few years I have spent time exploring Greece, going to new areas and discovering my country and culture. There is no better way to do this than on foot, when you have the time to look around, enjoy the scenery, spot wildlife and talk to other hikers and people you meet along the way.  Greece is a wonderful place to hike. It is not only sun, sea and hotels.

On the contrary, it has mountains and meadows; scrub and lush forests; sea and lakes. It can be hot, but you can also ski. Such diversity in landscape means that you can do everything from leisurely walks on the flat to hard core mountaineering.

I love sharing my passion for hiking and Greece with others and that is why I decided to organise a couple of small group hiking tours every year. I bring my guests to places on mainland Greece that they would probably otherwise not go to. Together with a professional guide, I show them dramatic gorges, isolated bays, hilltop monasteries, circling raptors, forest covered hills and alpine lakes. Up to now, all my guests, like me, have fallen in love with Greece, its nature, its landscapes, its people and its food.

Welcome to Greece –  Kalos orisate stin ellada!

Lamprini Kiosse

Walks Organiser